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Pykälä Nordic Week 2024

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Pykälä Nordic Week 2024
Pykälä Nordic Week 2024

Tid & sted

10. apr. 2024, 19.00 – 14. apr. 2024, 23.00

Helsingfors, Helsingfors, Finland

Om eventet


The week you all have been waiting for is here! It is our greatest pleasure of all time to invite you all to the last Nordic Week of the spring and to the highlight of the year, the PYKÄLÄ NORDIC WEEK 2024!!! We are looking forward to seeing you all in April! This legendary week is your chance to experience not only the beautiful capital of Finland, Helsinki, in the spring but also enjoy the hospitality of the biggest and the most beautiful student association - Pykälä! Do not miss out on this chance to see all your Nordic friends before the very long summer break.

The theme of the week is “The New Age of Protectionism”. During the week we will get to hear AMAZING lectures around the theme from various different institutions in the legal field. And of course the week contains a great deal of entertainment, fun activities and parties which will carry you through the week and will give you the memories you will treasure for the rest of your life!

We kick off the week with the early birds on Tuesday with a little pre-party and from there the night will continue at Pykälä’s very own pre-party - The Pykälä week Kick Off! Your names will – of course – be on the VIP list at the door so you can feel like the Very Important Person you are! So if you have a chance, please join us at the pre-party and come greet the members of Pykälä and everyone joining us for the week! I might have heard from a reliable source that the program includes karaoke!

On Wednesday, we will meet up at the office of Pykälä where you will get your goodiebags etc. and also get a chance to buy merch or even haalarit if you need (and you most certainly do need) a pair! After the meet-up, we officially start the week with the Welcome lecture held at HPP Attorneys. There will be some sparkling wine and something to eat, of course. After the Welcome we will visit the Supreme Court of Finland followed by a seminar at Castrén & Snellman Attorneys. Later we will have a little mellanöl/död before it’s time to head off to our first surprise of the week!! And what would be a better way to start the first official evening of the week than a WET SURPRISE??!!! We will have some fun activities in which we can get to know each other better and just chill with each other. After everyone has gotten super wet you’ll get a chance to clean up yourselves and then we’ll head out to the afterparty at Wallis Karaoke Bar (Kanavaranta 7).

On Thursday afternoon we’ll have a very interesting excursion at Dottir Attorneys! After the excursion there will be a mellanöl/död, during which you’ll have time to sew all your patches to your student overalls before the next activity, namely the WALKING SURPRISE where you’ll get to experience the real Finnish student culture!!! It’s going to be a loooong evening with a loooot of walking (and a loooot of something else as well ;)), so prepare yourselves thoroughly. The surprise includes an AMAZIIING afterparty at a very secret place, so hope you’ll survive your way up there.

To not make the week too easy, we will kick off Friday with nothing less than a SPORTY SURPRISE!!! So if you are tired from the previous night, you’ll get a chance to sweat off your krapula! And then, ladies and gentlemen and everyone else, it’s time for the greatest sittning of all time, the Pykälä Nordic Sittning! It’s arranged by the real sittning-professionals, Committee of External Affairs, UAV. Also, the food will make you want to use Pykälä as your regular two star Michelin-restaurant! The theme for the sittning is “Choose Your Crime” so prepare yourself for a mugshot and dress up the way you would imagine (or wish) yourself to look like when getting arrested. After the sittning we hit the Finnish nightlife and go to a club in downtown Helsinki.

On Saturday we will wake up super fresh-ish for the pre-party! The exact schedule and program for the pre-party and Medal Ceremony will be announced later. With the new bling on we’ll travel to the Årsfest which is located at the gorgeous Hilton Helsinki Kalastajatorppa. Those who can keep up with the Finnish students get to rave at the afterparty in Pykälä club house and enjoy some more OPEN BAR and snacks. Buses to the afterparty leave from the Årsfest place as later announced.

On Sunday it’s finally time for the Academic Herring Breakfast, more commonly known as SILLIS aka PÄÄÄÄÄÄPÄIVÄ!!!! Get ready to cure yourself with some hangover food and tasty drinks! Also there may be something like a Bubblis going on somewhere at around 13.00 if the intsek can be found… Watch out for bottle caps!

The price for the week will be 200€ for the whole week and 180€ for the Helgen (Fri-Sun). Each association has 3 spots. Extra spots will be handed out after the sign up if possible. Please sign up for the week through your local Int.Sek by Tuesday the 19th of March. In your sign-up please inform your full name, allergies or special diets, phone number and arrival + departure times. Also, you can include information if you’d rather not drink alcohol (for example Nordic Sittning or Årsfest). Pykälä will not hand out free spots, unfortunately.

With Nordic Love, Ruut Berry Int.Sek. of Pykälä 2024 +358 44 559 9776

Siiri Kotkas Vice Int.Sek. of Pykälä 2024 +358 45 346 0010

- - -

The schedule (which is still undergoing changes):

Tuesday 9th of April 19.00 Pre-party for early arrivals @ Pykälä Office, Mannerheimintie 3 b, 5th floor 22.00 Afterparty @ Wallis Karaoke Bar, Kanavaranta 7

Wednesday 10th of April XX.XX Meet up @ Pykälä Office XX.XX Welcome @ HPP Attorneys, Mannerheimintie 2 12.15 Excursion @ the Supreme Court of Finland, Pohjoisesplanadi 3 15.15 Seminar @ Castrén & Snellman, Eteläesplanadi 14 Mellanöööööl! 17.45 Meet up @ Kompassitori 18.00 WET SURPRISE 20.00 Mellanöl/död XX.XX AFTERPARTYYY @ Wallis Karaoke Bar

Thursday 11th of April 13.00 Lecture @ Dottir Attorneys, Pohjoisesplanadi 35 A Mellanöl/(död) 18.00 Meet up @ Pykälä Clubhouse, Suvilahdenkatu 10 B 5th floor XX.XX WALKING SURPRISEEE!!! Bring your overalls! XX.XX Afterparty @ Extremely Secret Location

Friday 12th of April 11.00 SPORTY SURPRISE!!! @ Pykälä Clubhouse, Suvilahdenkatu 10 B 5th floor TBA Mellanöl/död 19.00 NORDIC SITTNING @ Pykälä Clubhouse Theme: Choose your crime!!! XX.XX Afterparty

Saturday 13th of April 13.00-ish Pre-party 14.00-ish Medal Ceremony 18.30 Pykälä’s 89th Årsfest @ Hilton Helsinki Kalastajatorppa XX.XX Afterparty! XX.XX Afterafterparty @ Pykälä Clubhouse 05.37 NÄR BÖRJAR!?!?!

Sunday 14th of April 12.00 SILLIS @ Super Secret Location 12:58 Int.Sek is hiding… 12:59 Int.Sek is found! 13.00 BUBBLIS 13.01 Int.Sek på bordetä 14.07 SILLISS continues with a party! XX.XX-XX.XX EFTEREFTERETEREFTERSILLIS

Bye bye Nordiska Gäster, ses i Norden!!<3

Del denne begivenhed

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