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tors. 18. aug.



Culpa Cup

FINALLY!!! After many years of Corona we can finally once again hold the Culpa Cup. The Culpa Cup is inspired by legendary footballers all around the north, who will seek out the adventures of Denmark in ordrer to be crowned the Culpa Cup Champion!

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Culpa Cup
Culpa Cup

Tid & sted

18. aug. 2022, 21.00 – 21. aug. 2022, 17.00

Aarhus, Nordre Ringgade 1, 8000 Aarhus C, Danmark

Om eventet

Each student association will have two spots each for the weekend, which are guaranteed. A spot will cost 100€. Sign up at your local int.sek. before the 25th of July!

The planned schedule for the weekend - Some times are not completely accurate and can change:


21:00 Preparty at Bar Smil


11:00? Excursion with Jens Evald in sportslaw

14:00 Minigolf at Book1!

16:45 Mellanöl!

18:30 Sittning at Aarhus university

00:00 Party downtown


12:00 Meetup at the football fields!

13:00 Let the games begin!

17:00 the winner takes it all

18:00 Mellanöl!

20:30 gang up and get ready for afterparty!


12:00 Sillis



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